Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Understanding My Flesh

At the young tender age of 5 she introduced herself to me. The invitation was sent from hell, and it was sent to me as a comforter like Jesus was to Christians of the world. The demon was given instructions to comfort me like my mother.  This that dwells within me is destroying me from the inside out. I’m too familiar with want it wants to do with me and to me. I pray daily for peace within my spirit, but as I pray it causes me to thirst for what I see, and for the things I can’t see. Can you imagine that at the young age of 5 they walk with me, they talk with me, and even control me, as they move me to act out what I can’t prove to no man. The only ones who really know what I am and who I am despite the gifts have to know and have a clear understanding of this demon.  You see your spirit is like my spirit yet un-manifested. Each relationship I have had I make every attempt to introduce or explain my demons and my pain. On the surface I may appear as a typical oversexed middle age man who has been suffering for over 4 decades.  I am a prime example of an entity that cohabitates with the confines of the supernatural below this earth and above the ground. There is known and un-known knowledge of humans like me exist, or should I say not to many are open to share what dwells in the mind of a sexual being. If you are not in touch with your sexuality or know what dwells beneath your carnal surface, your will remain in the dark of understanding the external you, and the spiritual or demonic you. 

To know me is to understand me, to understand me is to know the various sides of my many dimensions of my intellect, my level of sex, and the forces I carry or I allow you to see as part of who I really am. If the mortals of this universe could spend the day viewing what I experience through my eyes, as I begin to secrete ecstasy from my loins and each one that I see in person, or in print causes my mind pause for me to breath deep as I imagine her naked and ready and have no clue that its about to go down. The skin tone from Brazilian to South African I want it all.  The thirst does not mean that the one who I have chosen to be the wife is lacking, but I want to include the wife and the spirit together.  The expectation, and the outcome, will never manifest but in my dreams they are all options because I control the outcome.

I ask my wife to pray for her husband. She is unaware and clueless how deep these demons summons her husband’s flesh daily. Explaining the forbidden union of spirit and flesh is truly inconceivable to those who can’t understand how strong the demonic forces are deep imbedded in her husband and friend.  To fully understand and accept it may never happen but yet it exists among our modern times.

The next time you look into the eyes of man like me, be aware and pay close attention to the spirit I could transfer to you if you desire to taste this from all who dwells in this carnal demonic host I call a man.

Be careful and cautious, I’m seeking to use you as a host to further my destruction.

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