Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mother Makes Me Fuck Her When She's Drunk, I Want To Please Her....I'm Only 14

My mom is a drunk and every time she comes home drunk I have to fuck her hard and deep so she can go to sleep, but before she goes to sleep she sucks my dick, like a child sucking a pacifier. The other night she made me eat her pussy and then sucked my cock, and she sucks all of my CUM. I will be glad when I am 18 and can join the Army and get away. I have been fucking my mother so long; I think this is what a son is supposed to do. A son is to suppose to do whatever his mother asks. What’s really fucked up is that even though her ass is fucked up, she moans like she is really enjoying her son, on top of her long stroking his mother. She comes home drunk at least 4 times a week, so you know my mama is getting, this young dick of mines so often, my young ass be so tiered. My teacher ask me why I can’t seem to get my homework done, I almost slipped and told her because I be up in my momma fucking the shit out of her. I caught myself before I let the family secret get out. Just last night she came home fucked up, and mama made me take off all my closes as usual, after that things was different this time, more so than any other time. My mama started giving me instruction on what to do to her. She first told me to hug her, and when I put my hands around her, she wanted me to slide man hands down her back, and when I got to her ass she told me to squeeze it hard. The sad part about it was I did it with no problem. After that, she whispered in my ear to put 2 of my fingers in her dry ass. I said mama why do I have to do this, she said because tonight mama what’s you to fuck her in the ass. Hell, I thought I was young and I had done everything else to her already. But it was when she told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass, and then take my dick out, so she can taste how sweet her ass really was. After about an hour of pulling my dick, in and out of my mother’s ass, nice and slow, she wanted me to bang her ass, like I had always banged her pussy. The harder I banged that ass, the more she rubbed her pussy, as my little balls, she said made her cum hard and back to back. Because it was my first time fucking a woman in the ass, I was turned on even though it was my mama. My ego kicked in, and I felt like a man, because I was really paying attention to what I was doing. It fell so good, harder, deeper I got, then I told her mama, your little baby is CUM N, she said go ahead and cum in your mamas ass, and make me feel like a woman cause your father’s not, I thought oh! fuck, this is my fathers job.

In my defense I did not like fucking my mother in the beginning, but I made myself like it so that I would not show her fear, or I was being disobedient. This will continue for 4 more years because I’m only 14, then I can get away from her, and this pain I have been in, trying to protect her by fucking her. I love her, but I get mad at my father, because he told me one day that he caught me fucking my mother a few times, he said thank you son because he could not keep up with her hot ass anymore, and daddy’s dick stop working…..Help me because me and my dick is mighty tired.


  1. I would love to have had your problem. I didn't get to fuck my mom until I was an adult.

  2. Go for it dude, aqs long as you both are happy then fuck her when ever you can. Try fucking her when she is sober and see where it takes you. Party on guy its only sex.

  3. You guys are so screwed up y are u supporting