Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Understanding My Flesh

At the young tender age of 5 she introduced herself to me. The invitation was sent from hell, and it was sent to me as a comforter like Jesus was to Christians of the world. The demon was given instructions to comfort me like my mother.  This that dwells within me is destroying me from the inside out. I’m too familiar with want it wants to do with me and to me. I pray daily for peace within my spirit, but as I pray it causes me to thirst for what I see, and for the things I can’t see. Can you imagine that at the young age of 5 they walk with me, they talk with me, and even control me, as they move me to act out what I can’t prove to no man. The only ones who really know what I am and who I am despite the gifts have to know and have a clear understanding of this demon.  You see your spirit is like my spirit yet un-manifested. Each relationship I have had I make every attempt to introduce or explain my demons and my pain. On the surface I may appear as a typical oversexed middle age man who has been suffering for over 4 decades.  I am a prime example of an entity that cohabitates with the confines of the supernatural below this earth and above the ground. There is known and un-known knowledge of humans like me exist, or should I say not to many are open to share what dwells in the mind of a sexual being. If you are not in touch with your sexuality or know what dwells beneath your carnal surface, your will remain in the dark of understanding the external you, and the spiritual or demonic you. 

To know me is to understand me, to understand me is to know the various sides of my many dimensions of my intellect, my level of sex, and the forces I carry or I allow you to see as part of who I really am. If the mortals of this universe could spend the day viewing what I experience through my eyes, as I begin to secrete ecstasy from my loins and each one that I see in person, or in print causes my mind pause for me to breath deep as I imagine her naked and ready and have no clue that its about to go down. The skin tone from Brazilian to South African I want it all.  The thirst does not mean that the one who I have chosen to be the wife is lacking, but I want to include the wife and the spirit together.  The expectation, and the outcome, will never manifest but in my dreams they are all options because I control the outcome.

I ask my wife to pray for her husband. She is unaware and clueless how deep these demons summons her husband’s flesh daily. Explaining the forbidden union of spirit and flesh is truly inconceivable to those who can’t understand how strong the demonic forces are deep imbedded in her husband and friend.  To fully understand and accept it may never happen but yet it exists among our modern times.

The next time you look into the eyes of man like me, be aware and pay close attention to the spirit I could transfer to you if you desire to taste this from all who dwells in this carnal demonic host I call a man.

Be careful and cautious, I’m seeking to use you as a host to further my destruction.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Moorish Temple Science of America What's Really Going On

Moorish Temple Science of America what do they really represent is some real Black shit or is it some Afrocentric Black shit to control blacks into “Being Free” hell we are never free with this current shit that is going on in todays society. The White mother fucker are fucking us, and some of these so call conscience mother fuckers who claim they have the science but they still remain in the dark like some of these other NIGGAS” who like being in the dark and putting Bonds on each other and filing Liens for non-compliance. Noble Drew Ali was around for a while did he really posses what Blacks needed or did he find a way to mentally FUCK each other in to believing that we are FREE and taking back what is our, and standing on our “Square”.  Well as most of you motherfuckers know if you have a good story to “MIND FUCK” a black man he will believe it.  Up until this point every “Moor” I meet is one angry, negative condescending asshole if I have ever met one. The Moors I have met do not respect women, and they only go after women that they can “Mind Fuck” and control, they wont be with a woman that can’t control or mentally manipulate. I guess it challenging to have a woman with an opinion. You see a real more will say he’s about his BLACK race but his ass got a White woman sucking on his dick and believing a mile long of his Black Shit. I believe in the black movement as long as it does not involve destroying our black men and women. What did the benefit of being a member of Moorish Temple Science of America.

The Welcome on Moorish Temple Science of America page…
This is the online portal for those seeking to proclaim their nationality and link themselves back with the family of nations. This movement needs upright, independent and fearless brothers and sisters ready to resurrect themselves, and our people from the dead state that they have now.

How can this above welcome be accepted and processed by many if what it is really doing is nothing for fellow blacks but confusing each other about our blackness and what the fuck we should be doing as it pertains to White America. This opening welcome is week with no substance and they could not lead me to shit. The Moors I know are broke educated men with the only drive they have is to sell some false ways of living to “OUR FELLOW BROTHERS” in the name of its founder…More Bullshit.

The Moorish Temple Science “Mission Statement”
as a Divine and National Movement, our duty is to uplift fallen humanity and teach our people those things that will make the better citizens.
Who We Are……
We are the Moorish Science Temple of America. We are friends and servants of humanity. We are dedicated to the purpose of elevating the moral, social, and economic status of our people. We have set to do this through a wide and comprehensive program embodying LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE.

How can the Moral status change if what we see is what we get, a Black Man fucking us like the White man, not that’s some real controversial shit for your ass.

What We Do……
In conjunction with our charitable works, we also teach civics and American history to the disenfranchised Moors on this land falsely called "Negro," "Black," and "Colored," so that they may enjoy true citizenship like other citizens of America are accustomed to.

What does the fuck this mean, teaching us what, how we are about to be financially broke but with some real fancy words that don’t make since.
Sheik Way-El
proclaimed his nationality in 2008 and in 2012, was appointed, anointed, and consecrated as a Sheik and Divine Minister of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Sheik Way-El has blazed a pathway through the cluttered doors of the Moorish Divine & National movement fulfilling the prophecy of the New Moors who would come in one day, eyes already open, seeing and knowing. Under his leadership, the movement is poised to take over the job left by our Prophet Noble Drew Ali and all of the freedom fighters who came after, a post long abandoned by those whose hearts are set on gold.

Shaking my damn head with this generic opening statement from the “Brothers” of the Moorish Science Temple of America.  This man was given a position and taking control of the “Temple” and it’s members. But the question is what the fuck is he taking control over, and what the fuck is he doing, and what he do to get this position. If it isn’t Church what is it and what can we learn and can we really learn from it.

“And Allah found you lost, and He guided you.”

Koran of Mecca 93:07
Wake up Moors, and don't you ever go back to sleep...

Now would you listen to this shit “Don’t go back to sleep, hell these Black mother fuckers have never woke up, they been sleep so long.

The Saga will continue with…..

“Got Controversy” the real shit.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hot Wet Cunt, Dry Fucked up The Ass, Anal Creampie, Gays & Lesbians, Virgins Hot Ass, Hot Pussy, Deep Throat, Bloody Pussy, Period Panties

? Can you identify with one below:

Hot Wet Cunt, Dry Fucked up The Ass, Anal Creampie, Gays & Lesbians, Virgins Hot Ass, Hot Pussy, Deep Throat, CUM in your mouth, First Time Anal, Drugs & fucking, Bloody Pussy, Hot hole, Church Hoe, Gay Clergy, Bi-Sexual Pastor, Straight Man, Straight Woman, Ruff Sex, Bad Sex, Confused Intimacy, Mental Rape....

If we missed anything, please comment and share what you like to do behind closed doors, or out in public.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Immortality Demonic Possession Since Birth Nosferatu the Undead

For centuries some have talked about immortality, and being able to live forever. Just the thought of living forever is so taboo, but some truly believe in the super natural. The rituals that have been performed over the years to achieve this have cost some immortality seekers their life.  In the past you would find more whites trying to stay in this forsaken land. Society, it was almost like as if they were going to succeed but despite the preservation of life of the sacrifice we all want to live forever.  You see in immortality the dead walks among us to devour the living, and some of the living trying to get to the so called “Other Side”.  Hell the other side is right here on earth, both this life and the afterlife, being desired from both sides. Shit I can only tell you about the time I almost succumbed to the pearls of the dark side of immortality. Let me just say mine I was a young child growing up, I saw her way back then before I became full grown with this black snake demonic moan. As a child she would come to me in my dreams then she started appearing to me while I was awake. Early on I use to be afraid of what I knew and who she really was and what she wanted from me. You see he and I, was born as one yet we are three but share the same biological DNA.

The first born is calm, cool and collective, but suffers from mental illness. Yes the 1st born had issues before he ever knew he was a triplet. You see the personality of the first born had split personality that would show up and show the fuck out.  Everyone who had met the first born would meet, or had not met, had no idea how fucked up he truly was, but his ass really understood he was different. Hiding or risking the chance of being discovered was risky over the years.  At the early age of 10 the first born, and the other him, met their other brother who was really a spirit. They met on the inside the mind and body of the host, so when they got together they found out they really were “Triplets”. Cohabitating within the main host was easy, because all three understood their roles. Just imagine God allowing his child to co-exist with two others. You know early on in this story I spoke about immortality, and living forever was only an option for one of the “Triplett’s”. So when this familiar spirit reached out and summoned the sex craved middle child, it knew how to attract the spirit with the things if had desires for and that was flesh and the possibility to life forever.  The spirit was so strong as a child that he had ask his parents about his genetic blood line because of the strong spirit that had been teasing him and taunting him since he was only 5 years old. You know what’s really fucked up is that these “Triplett’s” was all born the same day but they had different ages, but appeared the same age.

The firstborn had struggled early with the strength of his sexual side, so bad that he asked his parents one day. He went to both of his parental units to seek information about the other family members only to ask the question.  I am I the only one like me in our family?  They both paused and look at each other and said yes, why do you ask, but their ass knew why he was asking. He was asking because that sexual demonic spirit showed up at 5 and tried to fuck the shit out of this girl who he knew had a familiar spirit on her as well, and laid dormant for 5 additional years before he would return to seek havoc over this young boys life.  While growing up this ‘Female Demons” was ordered by Satan himself, so this wicked demonic force would be around and had follow him while growing up.  She stayed in his dreams, and his visions as well as his dick that would get so fucking hard, even if the wind would blow. 

One triplet, was calm, one was angry and hostile, and would fuck you up quick, The 3rd triplet had both the calm and the anger, and the sex shit but they all got along together.  To this day the “Demons” is still following him, this he knows for certain. The spirit of sex is so strong that the 3 boys now men have to do like the vampires did, they have to “Feed” you know go and seek another victim so that the spirit can continue to be distributed among other humans. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Forbidden Fruit of Mother Who's A Whore

Justine gave birth to him,  even though she was whore and a slut from a bloodline of harlots.  She nurtured him and gave him anything he wanted as a child. As he reached his teenage years she took notice that he was very muscular in stature, and very handsome as told to her from her mother, about the men from their bloodline. He loved and protected his mother, just like a husband would, even though he was her bastard son. This type of union they had was so unique but common in this part of the country that they had to keep it a secret, just like her mother did with her 3 brothers, and before fucking and sucking them, and having their sons. You see these families kept a pure bloodline, so they would keep this incest going generation after generation. So when they would go out in public, they would try and make every attempt to look and act like mother and grown sons. Justine was so infatuated with her own son she could not get enough of his dick. Justine would fuck her son at least 5 times a day, and each time she would have him cum inside his mommies’ lil tight middle age hole, also each time they had sex he would also have to cum in her mouth to help satisfy her erotic ass. Justine, not only fucked her son, but she also fucked her dad, yes her son was her dad’s child.

So the very next time you meet someone you want to fuck, date, or play with make certain that when it comes to fucking that you will only be fucking them, and not their mother, or father. Justine, continues to fuck her son, day and night, hell she has even started fucking the other family members, because she could not get enough dick from her own son.

I could not fuck my mother but what I do understand is the spirit that dwells inside you must be acted out on someone who is willing in the bloodline of whores, who desire their sons and daughters all the fucking time.

So if it is tradition would you fuck your mother, or father, grandfather. You say no now, but in the end you may not just give fuck, who you CUM in and on.

Now go bust that NUT on your mothers and fathers, pussy or dick, it may not be bad. You know you thought about fucking your mother or riding your father's dick.

Fuck you, then.....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hot Bloody Pussy of a Young Hoe

The body temperature of a female changes a few days before her period, also during her period, and days after her period. It doesn’t matter even if the female is having her period even at the young tender age 9. If I had not seen it for my own eyes and I had observed the behavior of this young female hoe in training. I remember how she was so fucking horny; all she wanted to do was to fuck. She did not care who’s dick she put in her young hot pussy, all I remember was she wanted, and she was looking for a victim, even if that victim was in her own bloodline.  This is so taboo and women and families don’t want to talk about this shit but it was real to me then, just as it is real to others around the country that have experienced the behavior. Ladies from various cultures know that there is truth in what they go through and how hot they can really get. One day when we arrive at my uncle’s house this young hot family member was looking sideways at my brother and I. We both remembered that our cousin was young, hot, beautiful and she wanted to fuck. Hell we both remembered how big her tits, and ass was and she expressed that she was on her period and she wanted to fuck, her pussy was hot. At nine she said she could get pregnant and have a baby.  Now just like some or your family when you was coming up as kids when you want to fuck and you was horny you really don’t give a fuck when you want some dick or pussy, from any person who would give it to you.

This particular day, I remember it was hot outside, and it was hot in uncle’s house. The element, of pussy pheromones was strong that day. This little bitch was so hot uncle had put us on notice about his own child, and he did not want us to alone with her.  You know it is nothing but a real spirit, for a child to be so sexual, at such a young age, was nothing but the devil, and the devil had taken possession of our young, and what we thought was our cousin. It was our cousin on the outside, flesh and blood, but the demonic possession was definitely real, and when you think about it really, it is the spirit that wanted to fuck, but coming through a little precious Angel. I can close my eyes and remember how sweet that smell was, coming from our cousin’s hot hole. That was my first real encounter with the spirit world at such a young age. That day, that day was so fucking crazy.